About Us

CurriculumLoft, LLC is a software solutions company founded in 2009. CurriculumLoft, LLC is excited to announce the release of their newest mobile learning platform for education. The  CLASSROOMNOW® "mobile learning solution" that addresses solutions for every stakeholder within a district including teachers, students, tech leaders, curriculum leaders and administrative teams.

We are confident that our software and hardware solutions are an ideal fit to help districts with both immediate and long-term goals.


 CLASSROOMNOW® is a mobile learning solution that helps districts manage digital curriculum, online learning resources/ subscriptions, and delivers a true 24/7 learning platform for students.

Our market leading solution provides powerful tools that stimulate creativity and encourage collaboration, while preparing students for the global workplace.

System Highlights:

  • Tech Directors
  • Minimize bandwidth and data usage by utilizing local content appliances for caching and file distribution
  • Streamline course/class management by integrating users from existing SIS and LDAP systems
  • Empower teachers with a self-maintaining system, while maintaining control of system access and usage
  • Curriculum Directors/ Leaders
  • Organize complex curriculums by structuring a digital curriculum scope and sequence
  • Design units of study aligned to standards, that meet the needs of your district
  • Gain insight to district-wide resources and contributions from of teachers
  • Teachers
  • Share and collaborate with other teachers
  • Leverage district-wide resources
  • Build and contribute curriculum and content
  • Students
  • Gain 24/7 access to digital curriculum (Chrome, Windows, Android, iPad/Mac)
  • Instant access without streaming or downloads
  • Gateway access to all digital resources and platform(s)


You choose the operating system & hardware configuration that your disctrict is comfortable with!




All of the hardware solutions come with ruggedized cases.


Regardless of device type (Chrome, Android, Windows or Apple), our certified trainers can help provide curriculum integration support that will maximize your teacher and student usage and effectiveness of their classroom technology and software applications.

Professional Training Services:

  • Support for  CLASSROOMNOW®

  • Support for curriculum integration in the classroom

  • Support for Microsoft, Apple and Google Applications

  • Support for 3rd party Learning Management Systems